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Dog Obedience and Behavior Modification Training Options

We help you have the dog you always wished for!

News and Notes


    PAW-FEES are here!

    Certain one on one training packages include PAW-FEES! In this training, I go with the pet parent and their dog to dog friendly cafes, parks, or other fun outdoor locations. It is a fun way to socialize dogs so they can learn to relax in public places! When you call, ask about this fun addition to training!

  • Group classes are coming!

    Group classes will be coming soon in Katy! The first class will be Fundamentals. This class will have both indoor and outdoor training. Some sessions will include your dog. Other sessions will be conducted without your dog. I will cover theory, mechanics, and key points on how to make training successful. I am working with the location to arrange details. Since some of the training will be outdoors, weather will be a consideration, but I am hoping January will have some beautiful days! Stay tuned on how to sign up!

  • Proud to Announce a Second Certification!

    I am excited and proud to announce I have obtained my second professional dog training certification - CPDT-KA. This certification was awarded by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Training Program

Wishes and Wags offers private dog obedience and behavior modification training with an instructor that is certified by the Animal Behavior College. The Animal Behavior College is recognized by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). The two organizations have recently entered into a strategic alliance to build better trainers through education.

At Wishes and Wags, we believe that one size does not fit all as it relates to training. The advantage of private training is that training is performed in your dog's environment. Private training can incorporate real life routines and circumstances into the training plans. Training plans are designed to address the specific and individual needs of the pet parent and the dog. Our program includes a variety of packages including customized instruction that focuses on problem solving and management of behaviors such as jumping, leash pulling, chewing, unruly behavior in the house, etc.

Contact us for more information!

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Training Packages Offered

  • Consultations $110

    All programs begin with an initial Consultation. In the 90 minute Consultation, the trainer will observe the dog and provide input on training options. The trainer will also discuss the key factors for successful training and problem solving as well as make a recommendation for the training package best suited for your needs.

  • Skype Consultations

    Skype Consultations are available for topics that do not require the trainer to observe or interact with the dog. House breaking is a great example!

    1 hour Skype Consultation - $70

    1 1/2 hour Skype Consultation - $100

  • Private Obedience Training

    We offer a variety of private obedience and problem solving training programs for puppies and adult dogs. 3, 5, or 7 session packages are available for each program. During the initial consultation, we will make a package recommendation based on your training goals. In these programs, pet parents (and family members) participate every step of the way! In each session, pet parents and their dogs will learn side by side.

    Single Session - $90

    3 Session Package - $260

    5 Session Package - $400

    7 Session Package - $560

    (Prices listed do not include the initial consultation and are based on 1 hour sessions. )

  • Puppy School

    In this program, puppies play games to learn impulse control, targeting, and crate training. Puppies also learn focus and basic obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, and come. The Puppy Program will be customized based training goals and the package selected.

  • Basic Obedience Training

    In this program, adult dogs learn foundation behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, and targeting. Training plans are designed to address the specific and individual needs of the pet parent and the dog.

  • Problem Solving

    In this program, the trainer works with you and your puppy or adult dog on behavior issues such as leash pulling, nipping, jumping, door darting, dog and human reactivity, anxiety, and certain types of aggression such as fear aggression. Some basic obedience foundation skills may be required for customized problem solving training plans.

  • Private Day Training

    Day Training is designed for pet parents that are unable to participate in every obedience or problem solving training session with their dog due to time constraints. In this program, training can be scheduled in your home when you are at work. The trainer will conduct several one on one training sessions with your dog each week. Transfer sessions with the you and your dog will be scheduled at various times during the training so that knowledge and techniques can be transferred.

    Several packages are available in this program. During the initial consultation, we will make a package recommendation based on your training goals.

    4 Session Package (3 with dog and 1 transfer) - $360

    7 Session Package (5 with dog and 2 transfer) - $595

    9 Session Package (6 with dog and 3 transfer) - $765

    (Prices listed do not include the initial consultation and are based on 1 hour sessions.)

Training Approach

Wishes and Wags uses a positive-motivation-based program. We utilize positive methods such as luring, capturing, and shaping. Our primary tool is positive reinforcement. We believe that training is a lifelong commitment. Our sessions are designed to educate and teach pet parents how to continue the training process throughout the life of the dog.


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Training Philosophy

  • Education, Education, Education!

  • Effective Communication, Patience, Understanding, and Praise!

  • Consistency and Leadership!

  • Have Fun!

  • Last But Not Least - Safety First!

Hours and Scheduling

Appointments are available Monday through Saturday. Evening appointments are available Monday through Friday. 
Please contact us to schedule!


We accept cash, check, and the convenience of PayPal.

Cancellations and Refunds

A 48 hour notice is required for cancellations. If packages are purchased, refunds are not available once engaged.

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