Pros and Cons of Common Dog Collars

By Dawn / January 4, 2020 /

I receive many questions related to the various types of collars and head halters.  Different collars serve different purposes.  Besides trainers, there are a number of sources where pet parents turn for collar recommendations – for example, pet supply stores, shelters, rescues, or online.  Because there are so many choices, types, and brands out in…

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Using Treats In Positive Training

By Dawn / January 8, 2019 /

Positive and balanced trainers use A LOT of treats during training sessions when a dog is food motivated. We use positive reinforcement to motivate dogs to learn and make the right choices. In other words, we want the dog motivated to “choose” (on its own) the appropriate behavior over the inappropriate behavior. During initial consultations,…

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Oh No! It’s Not the Dog – Part 1

By Dawn / April 14, 2018 /

Before I became a certified dog obedience trainer, I had always been a pet owner. As I studied to become an obedience trainer, I quickly realized some of the mistakes I made as pet owner. I also realized how easy it is for humans to accidentally reward the same behaviors that they desperately want to…

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