From Dawn’s Desk

After 30 plus years in Corporate America, I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin a career doing something I love! All of my life, I have personally benefited emotionally from the loyal companionship of my pets. I do not think I could have survived my very stressful career without my animals. Just their presence brought so much joy to my life. In my training to be a Dog Obedience Instructor, I am learning so much about ways to help pet parents bond with their pets.  I am also learning so much about the amazing impact service, therapy, and emotional dogs have in the lives of humans.  I am looking forward to learning more and more so I can share as many tips as possible for my wonderful clients!

Besides my love for animals, I also have a great love for the elderly. Seven years ago, my mother suffered a stroke. Following her stroke, as she declined over the next five years, she resided in a number of facilities. I had the great honor to meet and spend time with so many wonderful people. A number of facilities allowed residents to have pets in their apartment as long as they were able to care for the pet. I saw firsthand how pets helped the elderly cope with loneliness. My own mother told me many times how much she wished for a pet to keep her company. Unfortunately, due to my work and travel demands, I was never able to grant my mother’s wish because I could not help her take care of the pet.

I am looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and I am looking forward to meeting you in person!  We are a new company, and we will work hard to earn your business!